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Healthy Recipes & Recommends for Intuitive Eating

The Metaphysical Menu is your go-to online resource for healthy recipes and healthy meals with a focus on intuitive and mindful eating.

Our intuitive eating meals plans incorporate intermittent fasting with clean eating meal plans that incorporate gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, refined sugar-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free, and mostly-meat-free recipes.

You can read more about our eating philosophy and background on our About page.

Now, let’s get you started on a healthy meal plan – onto the menu and recipes! Xo


612, 2019

The best non-alcoholic drinks – for the holidays (& beyond)!

Four and a half years ago I quit drinking. You may imagine that I spent many a night up late getting blacked-out drunk and many a morning hungover from alcohol poisoning (hint: that's what a hangover is, you've been poisoned and your body is responding to the poison). Except, I was your typical social drinker - 2-3 glasses of wine 2-3x a week. I would let myself have four glasses max on a weekend and two during the weekday. I rarely got wasted. I usually got buzzed. And I never threw up from drinking. But, I was regularly and consistently drinking a known and socially acceptable poison...and that's a problem. Especially [...]

2011, 2019

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Veggie Mac-n-cheese

This is yet another recipe to add to your healthy Thanksgiving & HolyDays recipe collections! I just posted about this on my Facebook, but I'll confess here again - mac-n-cheese is my all-time fave food. It's notoriously "bad for you" so I devised a clever plan  where I would only have it over the holidays so that my fanaticism for the dish could have some air without being out of control. But then, the coolest thing ever happened - mac-n-cheese got healthier. And healthier. You've no doubt already tried our mac featuring dish (my first post, #ofcourse) - and this spiced up holiday version should make you pretty happy too. This [...]

1611, 2019

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Sugar-free Cranberry Sauce

This is yet another recipe to add to your healthy Thanksgiving & Holydays recipe collections! This cranberry sauce is SO easy and so tasty - you're going to love it! 1, 12-oz bag of organic, frozen cranberries, take out to thaw for about 11 minutes before beginning 1/2 c Wholesome ZeroSugar Organic Erythritol sweetener 1/2 c alkaline water Step one: Place cranberries on stovetop in a medium saucepan. Step two: Add sweetener and water to cranberries and then bring to a boil. Step three: Let boil for 5 minutes, then turn down heat to low and cover, stirring occasionally until a delicious sauce state has been achieved. Step four: Pour into [...]

1611, 2019

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

This is yet another recipe to add to your healthy Thanksgiving & Holydays recipe collections! Here's another healthy holiday recipe for you! Sweet Potato Casserole 6, organic sweet potatoes 1/4 c of Wholesome ZeroSugar Organic Erythritol sweetener 2 T grass-fed butter, melted 2 T of unsweetened vanilla hemp milk 1 T organic ground cinnamon 1 t organic sea salt 2 organic eggs, beaten 1/4 c organic chopped pecans Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Step one: Cut sweet potatoes up into quarters. Place in boiling pan of water and boil until soft, approximately 15-20 minutes. Step two: Drain potatoes and then mash with a pastry cutter or masher, and then place in [...]

1611, 2019

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whip

This is yet another recipe to add to your healthy Thanksgiving recipes collection! With the holidays here, it's important that we show up to family and friend functions with our own, delicious, conscious food. And so, here's another healthy holiday recipe for you - Vegan Pumpkin Pie. I've been traveling with my own food for the holidays (and for all family meals) for years and years. It's just part of the deal when you're eating consciously and for your highest health. Having your own food means you won't eat something that messes with your body-mind, and over time, your family/friends will begin to realize that you've been on to something THIS [...]

1611, 2019

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Gluten-free Stuffing

This is yet another recipe to add to your healthy Thanksgiving and Holydays recipe collections! The holidays are upon us! And to make sure you have the very best in gluten-free holiday stuffing, here is a recipe that will change your life. I know, it sounds dramatic, but hear me out. In the early days, my sisters would not touch my stuffing. Now, they ask me if I'm bringing it! This year, one of my sisters (I'm the oldest of 5) said she would only be eating MY food this year. This is stunningly unprecedented. But...after 20 years of eating intuitively, metaphysically, consciously - I'm so happy they are more on [...]