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Healthy Recipes & Recommends for Intuitive Eating

The Metaphysical Menu is your go-to online resource for healthy recipes and healthy meals with a focus on intuitive and mindful eating.

Our intuitive eating meals plans incorporate intermittent fasting with clean eating meal plans that incorporate gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, refined sugar-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free, and mostly-meat-free recipes.

You can read more about our eating philosophy and background on our About page.

Now, let’s get you started on a healthy meal plan – onto the menu and recipes! Xo


2209, 2019

Coffee Replacement: Organic Dandelion Root Tea Latte with Superfood Creamer

I gave up coffee 23 years ago (caffeine is a big NO for sensitives, intuitives, psychics) and I was searching for a replacement like mad. I mean, I LOVED coffee, and I really Loved lattes. So I switched to decaf and accepted my fate. But then, five years ago I gave up decaf lattes as I had become too energetically sensitive even for decaf. #wokelife ūüėČ Then, enter organic, roasted Dandelion root tea. It has been my go-to ever since. I don't miss coffee one bit now! This tea latte recipe goes to the next level with a superfood creamer too. Can't wait to hear about your yummy experience with this! [...]

2508, 2019

Easy Healthy Snacks: Homemade Beet Chips & Sweet Potato Fries

I have a confession: I Love chips. Um...and fries. Unfortunately most chips and fries are made with unhealthy oils and non-organic vegetables. With this easy healthy snack recipe, you can bake up a bunch of beet chips and sweet potato fries to eat all week long. We've even got dip options for you too! Ingredients: 3-6 organic beets, thinly sliced 2 sweet potatoes, sliced lengthwise in a fry-like shape ūüôā 6T organic sunflower oil 2T organic garlic salt 2T organic rosemary Step one: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Step two: Place sliced beets and sweet potatoes into a large bowl. Add oil, salt and rosemary and mix well until the veggies [...]

2508, 2019

Good Ole’ Fashioned Eggs, Beet Greens & Toast Healthy Breakfast Recipe

I Love beets, but I never knew what to do with the tops - the beet greens. At the suggestion of one of my favorite local farms, I began to sauté beet greens just like I do with my Beloved kale. I've now fallen in Love with beet greens! (And don't worry, I'll show you my fave beet recipe next too. Xo) Here's an easy way to incorporate beet greens into your day-to-day reality. This is a great healthy breakfast recipe to break your 16-hour intermittent fast with too (along with the perfect way to make scrambled eggs!). Ingredients: 1 bunch of Beet greens 2-4 organic eggs 1/2t organic sea salt [...]

1208, 2019

Farmers Market Quiche Recipe for Mindful Eating

Whip up a tasty quiche recipe using locally sourced ingredients from your local farmers market for a mindful eating experience. You might be wondering what is Mindful eating? Mindful eating means sourcing your meals with the highest quality ingredients and being conscious about what your body really desires (and then giving it that!). These crustless quiche cakes are one of my fave new recipes. The ingredients were sourced from my own garden and from our local farmer's market - with veggies from the farm up the street. #bliss Quiche cakes are a perfect meal to create and then set aside for when life is a little busier, or cook and eat [...]

1108, 2019

Vegan Goes Mexican with our Vegan Burrito Recipe

If you're searching high-and-low for vegan recipes - this is one to keep on hand for an easy and yummy meal. After going gluten-corn-and-soy-free I thought my Mexican dish days were over. Fortunately, with so many progressive food companies creating for those of us who must eat mindfully and high-vibrationally - Mexican food is now back on the menu! Enjoy it here... 2-3 Siete Tortillas  Take it from me - you'll want to order a few packages and put them in your freezer - they're a must! I have anywhere between 4-10 packs on hand - they are one of my go-to's for easy meals that require tortillas. 4 T of [...]

2907, 2019

Grain-Free Banana Bread

The loaf pan runeth over with this grain-free banana bread! This recipe will make one whole loaf and one baby loaf - that's how good it is. ūüôā And we all know - grain-free bread that tastes yummy is not the easiest find on the earth right now. This recipe changes that all around though. Dive into it here... Ingredients: 1 cup organic almond flour 1/2 cup organic coconut flour 1/2 cup tapioca flour 2 T arrowroot flour 1 t organic baking powder 1 t organic baking soda 1/2 t sea salt 1/2 cup Just Like Sugar baking 1/2 cup organic butter or coconut butter or coconut oil, melted 2 organic [...]