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Recipes & Recommends for Intuitive, Mindful Eating

The Metaphysical Menu is your go-to online resource for intuitive eating. Our mindful eating incorporates intermittent fasting with eating gluten/dairy/soy/corn/sugar/caffeine/alcohol/mostly-meat-free.

When we eat intuitively and mindfully, we find our intuitive abilities and gifts flow with more ease, we sleep better and our overall health improves in body-mind-Spirit. It’s also a fast-track to aging in reverse – just saying. ūüėČ

You can also read more about our philosophy on our About page. Now, let’s get you started – onto the menu! Xo


2504, 2019

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11 Things you can Enjoy‚ÄĒNow that you‚Äôre Alcohol-Free. This month, I celebrate four years of sobriety. Like any birthday or anniversary, I enter this time reflecting on my journey with, and now without, alcohol. But before you go assuming I was a total lush, I‚Äôm about to blow your mind a little‚Ķ Read more on Elephant Journal.