Here at The Metaphysical Menu, we’re totally committed to bringing you easy healthy recipes.

Today’s recipe is a stellar example of this as it’s one of my favorite meals to break fast after 16-18 hours of intermittent fasting.

It’s super easy, super nourishing and so tasty, you’ll most likely need to make yourself two.


Step one: The toast, starting as bread. Bake this the day before you make this recipe OR when you have an hour at minimum before you need to eat.  My friends (well, they don’t know we’re friends yet) over at Simple Mills have done it again with their Artisan Bread mix. I bake mine into a loaf. You can also add 1T of organic garlic salt and 3T of organic rosemary to make this bread even more savory. I use organic avocado oil as my preferred oil for the mix as well. 

Step two: Coat sauté pan with organic avocado oil and place chopped organic kale/spinach in the pan. Lightly salt with organic garlic salt. Cover and move to step three…

Step three: Coat a small frying pan with organic coconut oil. Fry up your egg(s). I recommend placing the cracked egg in a medium-high heat pan, salting with organic sea salt and then covering the pan and reducing the temp to low for up 1-3 minutes. When it’s ready, flip and cover again for 1-3 minutes – depending on the strength of your stove.

Step four: Toast the grain-free bread if it’s not already warm. Spread the avo mayo on the toast, followed by some of the sautéed kale/spinach, topped by the fried egg. Then top with slices of the organic avocado.

Step five: Get a hearty cloth napkin if you plan to eat this with your hands. Or if you’re really classy (please note, I ate this with my hands, alone ;)) get a knife and fork and eat it like a real lady/gentleman.

Bless this goodness and dive into it!

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*You’ll adjust and add more for however many sandwiches you’re making. Xo