Oh, pancakes, how I Love thee! Finding a delish healthy breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner 😉 like grain-free pancakes can be pretty tricky.

But I have journeyed far and wide, found the winning combo and share this recipe in the hopes that you too can return to have pancakes every weekend. Cuz. Life is short.

And extra bonus for you ladies who seed cycle (best natural way to manage your hormones – for menstruation AND menopause!) – I’ve added the seeds too. Woohoo!

If you do intuitive / healing / psychic work I recommend having these pancakes on a day you’re not seeing clients if you use the maple syrup blend. While this organic maple syrup is barely used, you want to make sure your blood sugar doesn’t get all spiked as that weakens your system for receiving healing/psychic/intuitive information.

Enjoy this recipe…

Step one: Make up pancake mix, using all that is outlined in the first bullet point. Add the sliced banana to the mix. Optional: You may wish to add the granola at this point too or wait like I did – use your intuition for what is best. Use coconut oil to coat a medium-sized sauté pan or griddle. Begin making your pancakes!

Step two: Once the pancakes are just about complete, place the maple syrup and coconut oil in a small saucepan on low heat. Stir together and cover. Heat until warmed and continue to stir until well mixed. Optional: You may replace coconut oil with organic grass-fed butter – your choice. Taste to see if you need to add more butter/oil so that it is not too sweet. Once you have the sweet level you desire, move on to step three…

Step three: Stack 3 pancakes on a plate. Pour as much of the yummy syrup blend as you are called to. Optional: You may choose to use organic Coconut Nectar instead of our maple blend – your choice. 

Step four: Pour 1/4 cup of the granola over the pancakes and syrup. Pour the 2T of seeds for your seed cycling over next.

Step five: Bless these pancakes and enjoy! Xo

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