I gave up coffee 23 years ago (caffeine is a big NO for sensitives, intuitives, psychics) and I was searching for a replacement like mad. I mean, I LOVED coffee, and I really Loved lattes.

So I switched to decaf and accepted my fate. But then, five years ago I gave up decaf lattes as I had become too energetically sensitive even for decaf. #wokelife 😉 Then, enter organic, roasted Dandelion root tea. It has been my go-to ever since. I don’t miss coffee one bit now!

This tea latte recipe goes to the next level with a superfood creamer too.

Can’t wait to hear about your yummy experience with this!

Step one: Pour hot water into your fave mug (not pictured here as I wanted you to see the creamy deliciousness through the glass mug!).

Step two: Place teabag in water and leave in for 1 minute before adding creamer.

Step three: Add creamer and stir.

Step four: Bless this drink and enjoy!

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