I love me some granola.

But since my body prefers to be almost completely grain-free I’ve had to do some serious searching to find a great tasting granola.

Because let’s be honest, the majority of grain-free granola is hideous tasting (trust me, I’ve tried them all).

Fortunately, there are a couple of brands that have gotten it right. And because of that win, you and I can enjoy granola again!

I usually have granola once a day as my first food of the day to break my 16-hour fast.

I do this because I also use it as an opportunity to get my seeds in for the day.

What seeds you may ask?

Well, after 9 years of working with women on their health and reproductive health, I’ve found seed cycling to be one of the best natural health options for women who are menstruating, in menopause  or anywhere in between.

It’s a natural and easeful way to regulate your hormones and say goodbye to painful menses and so much more.

Sound too good to be true? I know, that’s what I thought!

But after experiencing the results for myself and seeing them in my clients, I’m a huge believer.

You can use this recipe no matter what your gender or menstrual/menopause experience of course :), and I’ll take a few minutes here to invite those of you interested to try out seed cycling.

Seed cycling

Day 1-14* – Estrogen support
Eat 1T of organic flax seeds
Eat 1T of organic pumpkin seeds

Day 15-28 – Progesterone support
Eat 1T of organic sesame seeds
Eat 1T of organic sunflower seeds

*For those who menstruate, day 1 will be the first day that you bleed. 

I simply put this on my calendar so I can easily follow it and work it into my day to day life. You can expect to see results as early as 1 month into seed cycling, and I noticed the greatest shifts at 3 months. I’ve also had menopausal clients have their “hot flashes” resolve from seed cycling as well!

Now, onto the granola…

Place the first 5 ingredients in the bowl and top with hemp milk to enjoy! Be sure to bless this deliciousness as well.

For a great snack on the go – place the granola and seeds in a small mason jar or glass container and throw in your purse/backpack or car. Then, when you’re ready to eat it, shake the container and then take off the lid and snack up.

*I typically make this with 1/4-1/2 cup of granola as I use this as my first snack of the day after my 16+ hour fast. If you’re using this as a meal, you may want to use a larger quantity of granola.

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