One of my biggest wins this winter has been discovering Alkeme breads.

This family-run business not only has a great following-their-bliss story but they also make gluten-free breads and bagels that are the absolute best I’ve tried anywhere else (and I’ve tried them ALL). They use a fermentation process that ups the health factor of their breads and bagels.

This bagel sandwich is me and my husband’s new fave for breaking fast after 16-18 hours.

Enjoy this easy and absolutely delicious meal!


Step one: Make the best hummus of your life, found in this Metaphysical Menu recipe here.

Step two: Toast the bagel.

Step three: Slather with hummus or cream cheese.

Step four: Top with as many spinach leaves as you are called to. Top with sprouts after that. Slices of avocado on top would be a nice touch too.

Step five: Bless this bagel with the highest frequency of Love and devour!

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