This bowl will make every part of you happy…

This is hands-down my favorite meal for mindful eating. Right now, anyway.

It’s the perfect main mindful eating meal of the day and has all the elements you could ever want.

I usually make up a big batch of mac-n-cheese and kale and then eat it as my main meal a few times in a week. If you’re cooking for two, this is a great meal for the both of you with maybe one batch of leftovers.

First up…the macaroni.

One of the great loves of my life is macaroni and cheese. But since becoming gluten-free 18 years ago (before it was cool and on trend I might add – I’m not usually cool or on trend ;)), it had to go bye-bye. Add to that some serious lactose intolerance and it was over for me and mac-n-cheese. I didn’t ever think it could come back.

But. It did!

Thanks to Modern Table & Daiya, I’m a very happy lady these days.

And because of my intense Love of mac-n-cheese, I ‘ve tried every GF and vegan mac out there and these two are hands down the best. You do have to do some extra prep though…

Step one: Make your mac-n-cheese the day before you wish to eat this meal. I know, that’s some extra work, but I promise you, it’s worth it. I’m head-over-heels in love with Modern Table’s Vegan Mac, but it does have maltodextrin in it which is highly processed and I never eat (except here), so if you’re sensitive, skip it and go to the Daiya Cheezy Deluxe Mac.

OR…Want to make your own?

Put your mac-n-cheese in a sealed container and in the fridge until it’s time for tomorrow’s bowl!

Step two: It’s the next day and you’re ready to go!

  • Saute up one bunch (or more) of chopped kale (I prefer kale from my local farm and encourage you to buy as much of your produce as possible from your local farms to support local and eat more nutritiously yummy food).
  • In a saute pan, coat the pain in 1 TB of organic avocado oil.
  • Next, place the chopped kale in the pan.
  • Lightly salt with organic garlic salt.
  • Then, cover, turning the heat to low.
  • Let cook 3-5 minutes and take off the stove once kale is sautéed to your preference.

Step three: Pull out your mac-n-cheese from yesterday. Coat the pan in a light drizzle of avocado oil, and place the mac-n-cheese in the pan. Cover and place on medium-low heat to reheat from yesterday.

Step four: Fry up 1-2 eggs depending on your preference. I recommend local eggs above all else, but if not, organic eggs are great. Coat the frying pan with 1TB of organic avocado oil on medium-high heat. Lightly salt the egg and flip after 1-2 minutes of cooking. I recommend covering the pan to acclerate the cooking process and your egg will flooff up perfectly (and yes, I just made up the spelling of flooff ;)).

Step five: Bring it all together! Pull out a bowl and place 1/2 cup of mac-n-cheese, 1 cup of kale and your 1-2 fried eggs in it.

To up the high-vibrations, feel free to bless this meal. Then, enjoy this delicious mindful eating meal! Xo

*All links lead you to my fave product recommends for each item. These are the very items I use in my kitchen! Xo

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